PA-TSA Alumni Association Frequently Asked Questions

How do i become a member of the PA-TSA Alumni Association?
Excellent question. You can become a member by filling out our on-line form (Located on the right under Alumni Sign-in), or by emailing the alumni association at president@patsaalumni.org

What information will the PA-TSA Alumni Association collect?
At the very least, we need your Name, E-Mail Address, School Attended and your Year of Graduation. We would also like your home address and phone number, and what level of participation you are interested in.

How much are membership dues?
Membership to the PA-TSA Alumni Association is free, so why not join? Send an email to president@patsaalumni.org to join.

How do I become a regional/state conference judge?
When you register as a member of the PA-TSA Alumni Association, please indicate your desire to be a judge. PA-TSA relies heavily each year on alumni to be judges and coordinators at events. When conference time nears (February/March for regional, April for state) we will send out an email to the association with a schedule of conferences, and a request for interested judges. We will forward your information to the appropriate event/conference coordinator to get you judging. As a note for recent graduates, PA-TSA will not allow you to judge events if you’ve graduated in the past 3 years, but there are plenty of other jobs that are important for the conference.

Are accommodations provided for alumni at regional/state conferences?
Regional conferences vary by area, but will typically provide meals and refreshments for judges. At the state conference, PA-TSA provides 2 suites for alumni, and will also provide meals as long as your working at the conference. The association gives priority to college students and recent graduates to have access to the complimentary room, because of limited availability. More details about conference accommodations will be sent before regional/state conference.

Are there any restrictions on the alumni room at the state conference?
Yes, there are a number of restrictions. The main ones are as follows:

* The room must be respected at all times. Receiving this room is a privilege provided by PA-TSA, and you are expected to use the room responsibly.
* At no time shall any student or other participant with the exception of other alumni, conference coordinators or advisers be allowed in the alumni room.
* No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the alumni rooms.

Feel free to direct all other questions to the Alumni Association via email at president@patsaalumni.org